The Gillespie Approach at Birth: A New Public Health Measure

To become the standard of care for all newborns, our work may need to become part of the public health domain. I do not see a good fit in the current drug/technology research model.

Private companies, who have a huge financial stake in a positive medical research outcome, can strongly influence funding. Their medications and technologies are not common options at birth since most neonates are healthy. Since the profit motive with the Gillespie Approach (GA) at birth is absent, I believe the public health sector, representing the common good, needs to become involved.

Once a few research hospitals demonstrate the efficacy of the work, I hope everyone will see the universal need. As a public health measure, I see specialized GA staff in hospitals working on newborns until they leave for home strain-free. Insurance would cover GA as part of the standard of care birth package.

The goal is to spend a little time and money at the beginning of life as a preventative measure to save larger amounts of time, money, and suffering down the road. I believe our work at birth would be a win-win public health intervention.

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