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Happy Babies

Baby day in Dover post~Well, the day came this past Saturday that we discharged 4 babies from Dover Baby Day! We are THRILLED! Its still all so amazing to me! These babies are SO incredibly different! I had tears of joy for each and every one of them! There’s is NO better gift, in my opinion, than the gift of a truly happy and healthy baby! We watched 4 of those gifts walk out our door on Saturday. One mother said to us, “I’m really going to miss coming! I can’t believe my son is finished. He is so happy and just so different. I can’t imagine what he would have been like if I never came. Well, I guess I just never knew a baby could truly be so happy. I’m really going to miss you ladies!” Well, the truth is, we are really going to miss the mothers and their babies too, but we are so grateful to have helped! This work is amazing and we are all blessed to have this knowledge. This was a day I’ll never forget! Thanks again Barry for believing in us and helping us begin Baby Day in Dover!

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