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Happy Baby = Happy Child

A Facebook reader asked a very good question, “How can I address aggressive outbursts in a seven-year-old receiving leukemia treatment?”

I will address this question in a pure Gillespie Approach point of view, while understanding there are many other variables at play. But when you peel these factors away, the Gillespie Approach deals with the core physical issues and emotional issues of every human being. This may be a hidden factor for some children.

My common sense hypothesis: Happy babies may tend to become happy children. Unhappy tight babies may tend to more likely become not-as-happy children.

This concept may eventually be found to have huge planetary ramifications through many fields of science. Let me start at the beginning in a short essay.

My mentor, Dr. Viola Frymann, found that 88% of newborns had craniosacral restriction from birth trauma. In our research we found that fascial strains caused babies to be fussy with about 17 conditions described on GillespieApproach.com. We created the Gillespie Approach to mitigate the strains so babies could be happy.

Over 500 fussy babies came to us and virtually every one became happy. We seemed to sprinkle magical healing pixie dust on newborns every research therapy day.

In our infant research article we reported that when the infants cried, they not only let out their physical traumas, but also their emotional strains of forty weeks in utero.

We learned from Dr. Arthur Janov’s work that fetuses can hold their mothers’ emotional experiences during those forty weeks. Whatever emotion the mother was experiencing such as anger or fear, the fetus felt it also. We believed that letting go these emotions may have allowed them to be truly happy babies.

Many untreated babies in the world may still be holding on to not only the physical strains but also the emotional traumas. This may be why, even with the best current therapies, these children may not be completely free.

I have seen for decades that life can be uncomfortable for a child with a zero-second brain cycle and a tight fascial web. That presentation may result in neurological, physical, and emotional issues. Since the traumas happened at birth, the child does not know what “normal” feels like.

An open brain cycle and free fascial web directly at birth is a divine gift. I believe this can be a big step for a child to potentially have a lifetime of happiness and achievement.

Admittedly, having leukemia treatments at seven is not fun, but this boy may have some unresolved birth trauma issues which may need to be worked through. If so, therapy can hopefully help him release those layers of his onion to be more relaxed with the world.

My wish for Christmas 2020: the work at birth would be a blessing for the planet. I trust that God is in control.

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