Happy Baby = Happy You

After 40 weeks of anticipation, the big day arrives. Your primary concern after delivery is having a healthy and happy baby.

That translates into a calm and relaxed newborn who is breathing well, nursing well, digesting well, pooping well and napping well.

If your baby does not have these attributes, birth trauma has probably strained the soft connective tissues or fascia of its tiny body.

Tight fascia can create common fussiness issues which can undermine your happiness.

In 40 years of treating fussy babies with Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, I have found that if baby is not happy, mom is not happy. If mom is not happy, no one in the family is happy.

I believe that every newborn has the potential to be a happy baby.

This website will inform you how your fussy baby can transform into a happy baby. This short video can give you a basic primer.



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