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Head Trauma, ADHD, and Headaches

As much as I can maintain a professional demeanor, a few patients present for me to reflect on my humanity.

A young woman with severe headaches presented with her mother. She had been everywhere for help and “wanted to give this approach a try.”

She had a zero-second brain cycle. Her head felt like a rock—totally locked down.

Her birth was uneventful, and she was a happy child until her accident. At five, she fell, with her head striking a concrete floor, and she was dragged about one hundred feet.

She was dazed for a while, but her mom said she seemed to be visibly OK. But soon after that, she was never the same child.

She was the last sibling of a large family. Mom said all of the children did well and got along nicely.

After the accident, she started to act out. The doctors said she had ADHD and tried many meds unsuccessfully.

As time passed, things got worse, with episodes of being out of control. Her parents put her into intensive counseling.

I told them that I have seen this type of behavior from severe head trauma. Something happens to the brain where extreme tightness creates a malfunction. I cannot explain what happens scientifically, but this probably happened to you.

Suddenly, mom chimed in that she always felt the same way. Her daughter became a different person, and she knew that misbehaved child was really not her. She wanted her happy little girl back.

In therapy, she had a fascial strain pattern going from her head down into her trunk. Her brain cycle opened to a great fifty seconds. I am hopeful for a positive outcome.

I reflected about how blessed I was in the 1970s, getting headache therapy from Dr. Viola Frymann, probably the most skilled cranial osteopathic physician in the world. I then thought with sadness about the millions of people in the world who are suffering now without any hope.

My wish is that this work will someday touch everyone. God is in control.

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