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Healing and the Space-Time Continuum

Mathematicians and physicists have constructed a space-time continuum where space and time are one. Space exists in three dimensions and time is the fourth dimension. I believe that the craniosacral fascial system acts along this same principle. We are all living with the lifetime cumulative effects of our physical and emotional traumas in our craniosacral fascial system. Thus, a chronic adult condition (headache) may be caused or rooted in birth trauma and will not be corrected until completely addressing that trauma. The beauty of CFT at birth is the small infant space element and very brief time aspect.

The importance of this system is that every structural cell of the body can communicate with every other structural cell. We literally have a space-time Internet system in our body. A blow to the head in the system can register in the fingers and toes. Conversely, a trauma to the fingers or toes can be felt in the head. Clinically, a stubbed toe or extended finger can restrict brain motion and cause a headache or other “unrelated” issues.

This concept brings up an interesting question about healing. When is the emotional/physical healing complete in the space-time continuum? When your broken bone mends, are all aspects of that trauma healed? When you recover from abdominal surgery, the scar tissue still remains. When your wisdom tooth socket fills in, the TMJ trauma still exists. Maybe emotional aspects from each trauma still linger.

All of the body’s past traumas do not present 24/7. If they did, few people would be able to function through all of the pain. Trauma appears to present in segments in our nervous system. When one trauma that caused x pain is completely released, y pain from another past trauma can present. Y was always there, but not registering in the consciousness. The CFT goal is to work in this space-time model to free the craniosacral fascial system from past traumas as much as possible.

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