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Hip Clicking and Sleep Disorder

The most fascinating aspect of working in the infant and toddler craniosacral fascial system is the direct connection of two seemingly unrelated medical conditions.

A 23-month-old toddler presented with the main issue of inability to sleep at night. He has been restless every night of his life, usually waking up screaming. He can be very intense and anxious during the day.

Mom also related at one month he had ultrasound for bilateral hip clicking; the test was normal. The parents were concerned because an aunt and great aunt had a history of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). Doctors believe that if DDH is left untreated, an unstable hip can result in difficulty walking and possible dislocation.

If the cause of hip clicking is positioning in the womb, birth is the ideal time to work out this strain because the infant hip socket is primarily soft pliable cartilage, similar to the composition of the newborn cranium.

Both parents, as medical providers, checked every possible medical solution from “A” to “Z.” Now mom has ventured into the world of complimentary care hoping to find some answers.

When I initially spoke to mom on the phone about the possibility of CFT for her son, she was reluctant to even bring him in for the evaluation. She said he hates people touching him and would never have any therapy. I told her that she will be holding him as I evaluate, and we will go from there.

A very tight young man presented with with zero brain and sacral cycles. I noted that his fascia was pulling laterally in each hip socket internally rotating the femurs. That was the only area in his body that was “talking.”

I told mom that I was just going to do his legs and hips on that first visit. Most children are OK with that as long as you do not get near their head and neck. The unknown and fear is a powerful force, and some CFT trust can be established now for future visits.

He was OK with me holding his leg while he played with one of my “cool” office toys. When the medial fascial strain released in his right hip, he did something very touching to my heart. He patted his left hip telling me without words, hey buddy, that felt good, don’t forget to do this one too.

I want to report something totally unscientific that I have seen for many years. On some conscious level, many children want to continue CFT, even if challenging, for their healing. Their possible perception: Someone has discovered the source of what has been bothering me, so please continue. I do not want to live with it for the rest of my life.

When his left hip released, his sacrum opened, his brain responded well, and he left the office with a nice brain cycle. I did not do any CFT on his upper body.

His mom reported today on the second visit that he slept through for four nights in a row—a first. He also went to a birthday party and ate the food and played with the children. In the past, he would neither eat or play in such social situations.

At today’s visit, his brain cycle was 150 seconds, and his fascia looked very good. That fascial hip strain apparently caused the sleep issue. In CFT you need to connect the dots of the craniosacral fascial system when you think about conditions.

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