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The History of the Work at Birth

In 1978 I noticed that children did well with my work. My interest was spurred in 1980 when some children with pediatric asthma were healed. Since this was labeled as an “incurable” condition, I felt I was onto something big.

I watched scores of asthmatic children in the 1980s and 1990s become well with therapy. I concluded that the main tenant of pediatric asthma was that fascial strain was restricting the respiratory system from functioning properly.

When I approached the medical model with this discovery, no one had any interest. Much to my dismay, the world was not ready to hear what I had to offer.

Around 2006, a friend wanted me to work on his newborn at a local hospital. My visit was delayed since the newborn spent two days in the NICU with a breathing condition.

When I started to work on him on day three, he had the same pattern of fascial strain as the other asthmatic children. Wow. This baby never had a breathing issue as a child.

It appeared to me over time that asthma, earache, headache, learning disorders, ADHD, and other issues in childhood could all begin with soft tissue trauma at birth. When the opportunity to work with many babies presented in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Krissy Myers, Mike Myers, and I spent six years researching infants. Christine Holfelder added input with her suburban practice.

We found that there was a very high probability that infants did not “outgrow” their fussiness issues. Instead they “grew into” the above childhood conditions that transformed into other adulthood conditions.

For example, an untreated infant with a breastfeeding issue may later need speech therapy, orthodontics, and then develop sleep apnea/CPAP, anxiety, and depression as an adult. Our bottom line: Let’s work out the fascial strains as close to birth as possible as a preventative measure.

I have been waiting 42 years for the world to get this concept. Maybe now is its time.

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