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How Do You Know If You Are Completely Done With CFT?

How do you know if you are completely done with CFT? The answer is you never really know for sure. You could be at a comfortable place even for years in between layers of the onion.

A former patient in her late 50s presented with some vague recent head and neck pain today. Bottom line, she revisited a severe arch and twist in utero strain pulling on these areas that originally came up with CFT in 2014. It is still processing/clearing.

In all honesty we never really know when we are 100% done with clearing CFT strain patterns. When you are working with newborns, you can have a better feeling about completing the work. But still issues can present later that the infant was not ready to release at birth. Everyone heals in her/his own space and time.

Krissy, Mike, and I have wondered about this for years; some things remain a mystery.

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