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Hydrocephalus and Cord Wrapped

A mother frantically called me saying, “Doctors are thinking about surgery for my baby due to hydrocephalus. Can you help her?” I answered, “Possibly.”

A five-month-old presented with fluid building up in her head. Doctors believed there was some ventricular or cistern blockage creating balance issues. There had been no trauma to her head and no bad falls to date.

She was born quickly at home with a stretched umbilical cord, wrapped four times around her throat. She had difficulty breathing and was without oxygen for about two minutes. It took her 12 hours to start nursing.

On my evaluation she had a zero-second brain cycle and severe neck and throat fascial strain. After four visits of therapy, she reached a 200-second brain cycle where the strain had cleared from her neck and throat.

When the doctors at a large medical center did MRIs and other neurological testing after my therapy, they reported that she was perfectly normal. After 7 months she returned for a check-up with a 240-second brain cycle and was still doing fine.

I am always looking for the root cause of a health problem. My hypothesis is that because of the tight cord, constriction around the dural tube in the upper cervical area did not allow the cerebrospinal fluid to normally flow down the spine. This chiari-like stenosis created a back-up in the cranium, resulting in fluid build-up that mimicked hydrocephalus.

The medical model needs to realize that the root of an infant’s problem may lie in correctable soft tissue birth trauma. The fascial web remembers all of its traumas back to conception. A cord wrapped 4X is a huge red flag to be checked at birth.

Our work deals with universal and timeless facts—every human being spends time in a uterus and experiences birth. 90% of us have soft tissue strain from delivery, labor, and fetal traumas. Let’s work the tightness out on day one to prevent a lifetime of suffering.

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