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Hype is not my thing. I hope that Gillespie Approach providers can learn from my experiences.

When someone asks about a condition, I tell the patient that the Gillespie Approach “can be helpful”—a realistic and honest assessment. 

If nine children with a certain condition are corrected but the tenth child only partially, for that tenth family, we are being realistic. The honest truth is that we do not know how anybody will respond to therapy. We just help the body loosen and let the healing begin.

One of my first marketing lessons was to let the patient say the work was great and keep my ego out of it. I also try to listen to negative comments with an open mind.

I avoid words like curing and fixing like the plague. We are not curing anyone of anything since we are just restoring normal physiology. We are not fixing anyone because we understand that the fascial web has a mind of its own and cannot be fixed.

Many Gillespie Approach Training students have asked me about advanced classes. Instead, I always responded that it is better to learn from your patients who will teach you valuable lessons.

One mother from the 1970s had a great effect on me. She presented with her young son who had headaches. I felt therapy was a slam dunk, which tells you where my ego was.

I quoted a fee and added that if, the child did not get better, therapy would be free. I felt that no one could refuse that deal. Well mom did and that pushed all of my buttons.

My ego and judgments were exposed. In my mind, a bad mom was letting her child suffer with headaches his whole life because she made the wrong decision.

So I had ego, control, judgment, good and bad, and right and wrong playing in my mind for days. I had some major issues to work through. Over time, I realized that the game was much larger than me and that I had no control over the outcome.

Today, I see an occasional patient like this one, and I just remind myself that God is running the show. As much as I thought I could have helped that child, it was not meant to be. Now, I am fine with it.

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Dr. Barry Gillespie

Dr. Barry Gillespie founded Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, which provides patients with a freely moving brain, spinal cord and fascial web, all critical to optimal health. Dr. Barry Gillespie also created the Baby Brain Score and discovered effective therapeutic techniques for newborns and infants. Read more about Dr. Barry Gillespie.

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