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Idiopathic (Unknown Cause) Strabismus and Our Fascial Model

Medical scientists love to create a hypothetical model to explain how the body works. Our model is simple.

The fascial web starts to form at fourteen days in the embryonic stage. All of the body tissues then develop in tandem with an expanding web. This web remembers every trauma back to conception. For a simplified example, a fetus may have had two soft tissue traumas in utero, a third during labor, and a fourth at delivery.

Gillespie Approach practitioners listen and allow that infant’s body to inherently revisit each layer of trauma. Some strains may be full-body, like from the right leg to the left eye, and other strains may be more localized, like the right shoulder into the right temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

As an example of our model, picture the eyes sitting quietly in this fascial web. If a fascial strain pattern(s) runs through one or both eyes, idiopathic strabismus may result. When the strain pattern(s) is cleared in therapy at birth, the eyes can resume their normal quiet position in the fascial web. In the medical world no one knows why strabismus occurs, but in our model fascial strain can create this eye misalignment.

The same fascial tightness analogy can extrapolate to all of the body structures causing our other idiopathic infant diseases. The incredibly beautiful aspect of the full-body infant web work is that all of the body’s systems are correcting simultaneously. We are blessed.

The fascial web controlling the body’s physiology is a different way to regard disease. The medical model needs to study this concept for a more complete understanding of medicine.

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