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The Importance of “Brain-Friendly” Orthodontics and Eyeglasses

As Gillespie Approach providers, you may have to navigate a minefield of issues.

This is a continuation story about the lad presenting with ADHD and anxiety in the March 10th post. He had a zero-second brain cycle and the typical tight fascial presentation.

He was wearing a fixed maxillary expansion appliance that had taken his brain cycle down to zero seconds. Because it did not allow the normal maxillary bone expansion and contraction, it created a domino affect that tightened his other cranial bones, sacrum, and fascial web. I have seen this orthodontic phenomenon many times since the 1970s.

Once the appliance was removed and the tissues free to release, therapy went well over five visits. But towards the end of treatment, his dad mentioned to me that some of his negative behavior returned. What could be the problem?

Since the boy wore glasses, I felt that therapy could have corrected his vision. When I checked him, the prescription that worked well before therapy was now too strong and caused a zero-second brain cycle. I have seen this happen repeatedly over 40 years with many children.

My recommendation to mom:

  1. Visit the eye doctor to recheck his eyes and probably get new “brain-friendly” lenses.
  2. Find a “brain-friendly” orthodontist who uses ALF, Frankel, Bionator, Herbst, or Crozat appliances. Orthodontists need to apply cranial forces to move teeth. But the ideal appliance needs to find the sweet spot to have a force strong enough to move the teeth, but not too strong to restrict the brain motion. The above appliances give you the best opportunity to reach that objective.

Disease begins in the fascia

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