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In-Utero Strain As a Twin

Twins can have an especially rough time in utero. A two-and-a-half-year-old boy has current eating problems. He refused the breast as a newborn and later had reflux and earaches. He was diagnosed with food and seasonal allergies. He had a tongue-tie revision at 19 months.

On examination he had severe oral pharyngeal craniosacral fascial strain. At his tenth CFT visit he is clear except for his neck arching, which is straining his larynx and esophagus specifically at the vocal cord level. When he goes into his deep neck arch with CFT, his mom said he did this during infancy. The doctor said it was due to him being stuck in that position in utero. Our goal is to return that fascial tissue to strain-free normal.

The kicker is that we do not know if he was stuck for minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. We would expect the longer he was in this position, the more therapy would take for him to clear.

The fascial growth factor may also come into play where the fascia grew into this strain pattern. It is not like the fascia was normal, became strained in an accident, and released back to normal in CFT. We would expect that the fascia has to totally reset as the birth strain releases.

The point of the post is that no one realized this birth trauma and subsequent neck arching would affect him adversely later in life. Our mission is bring global awareness to identify the problem directly at the birth and offer correction in that golden hour of care.

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