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In-Utero Trauma

Seven-month-old baby L from Florida presented today with torticollis. She had a head tilt with breast-feeding issues, gas, and constipation. From her first ultrasound she had her left hand near her face throughout the pregnancy. At 33 weeks mom felt a shift where her left arm probably went around her head/neck. At 42 weeks, baby L had a traumatic birth. Dad reported that her left arm popped out first during the C-section. She had a tongue-tie revision at six days, and DC and CST early in life.

Clinically she presented with zero brain and sacral cycles and a classic “tort” craniosacral fascial twist extending from her pelvis thru her back and shoulders and ending in her neck/left TMJ. In my world all of her presenting conditions were due to in utero trauma. I told baby L that she was tight, and “Dr. Loose” was going to help free her up.

Today’s session created a freer pelvis and lower back…..the releases were quite clean. The rest of the week will focus on her upper body issues. The left TMJ area, as the most sensitive area, was very tight. As a practitioner it is easy to focus on the TMJ/breast-feeding issue now, but the pelvic root of the problem needs to be addressed first. I expect a strain-free baby L to do well.

These are the types of in utero babies with twisted heads and bodies that Krissy, Mike, and I saw in our research. The in utero world of nine months can be far from ideal and result in a lifetime of suffering for some individuals. If I ruled the world, baby L would have had the BBS and CFT/IDM in the first few days of life to mitigate the birth trauma…..hoping that world comes soon.

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