Infant Asthma and Reflux

Most pediatricians would consider infant asthma and reflux as separate diseases. Since the craniosacral fascial system touches every structural cell of the body, we believe that birth trauma can readily cause many infant conditions simultaneously.

Since the diaphragm is the main breathing muscle, tightness (asthma) can restrict the traversing esophagus and nearby stomach (reflux). If the strain pattern travels inferiorly, the infant can also develop indigestion, gas, constipation, and/or colic. Poor napping and general fussiness usually present clinically. Krissy, Mike, and I saw this phenomenon repeatedly during our six years of infant research.

As a new way of thinking, the Gillespie Approach tackles the root cause of diseases. Birth providers need to address the offending soft tissue trauma as a preventative measure in that first “golden hour” of life. We believe this philosophy is far superior than managing later symptoms with medications and possible surgery. We believe that when tight newborns are set free, they can thrive to be the best they can be.

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