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Infant Crying During The Gillespie Approach

Mothers may ask, “Is crying a negative aspect of infant therapy?”

My professional opinion is no. I would have begged for this therapy at my birth in 1947. Please let me wail as much as I wanted to, so I could have released my pent-up emotional and physical traumas that I may even now still be holding at 74 years of age.

The physical release of fascia is a new feeling for an infant. Unfortunately, s(he) does not have the communicative and social skills to understand what is happening.

The emotional releases may even be more important. A fetus can feel and hold the energy of every maternal and self-emotion over those 40 weeks. Now is the best time to let them all go.

In our Lancaster research of 600 infants, virtually every fussy baby at the start became a happy baby upon completion. Why?

We believed that they were releasing not only their physical traumas but also their emotional baggage from the 40 weeks. Most of the time it was not pretty, but we found that they could start life with a clean slate as a happy babies. In my mind this concept is a huge gift for humanity.


One local mother said it best:

“The hardest part of the sessions, hands down, was hearing my baby cry. As a new mom, your only priority is your new child—a part of your own body for so long.

The connection between you and him is almost surreal. So his pain is your pain. After observing the profound results CFT gave my first child, I was able to put aside my raging hormones and the yearn to stop my baby from crying immediately.”

“I realized:

  1. My baby won’t remember the crying.
  2. Receiving CFT in his first days of life is the best option because the birth strain is the freshest. It’s harder to help release children who have lived with these patterns for years.
  3. Perhaps the most important aspect is that I am giving my baby the gift of a comfortable, loose, strain-free body for the rest of his life. Laying this foundation now is pivotal for immunity, brain development, and overall body freedom.”
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