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Infant Drooling

The most exciting aspect of my work is thinking differently about a common infant issue. I am presenting a new hypothesis that drooling may be a function of the craniosacral fascial system.

Medical science tells us that drooling can be caused by “weak” oral muscles. Clinically, the infant may present with nursing issues. Please remember two important facts: a thin layer of fascia covers every muscle cell in the body, and the fascial web connects every structural cell of the body. Thus, birth trauma can strain muscle cells causing “weak” infant muscles.

The floor of the mouth contains two paired salivary glands, the submandibular gland and sublingual gland. A fascial strain pattern can arise from the neck, traverse through each cell of these glands, and extend into the lower lip and chin areas.

This fascial strain can cause both malfunction of the glands and red rashes. When we see these red blotches on a baby‘s face and/or body, a red flag denotes the distinct possibility of systemic fascial strain pulling into that specific area.

This unique aspect of the fascial web demonstrates the power of the Gillespie Approach. We see it in other conditions like pediatric asthma. We cannot possibly free microscopic fascial restriction for every air sac deep in the lungs. But when we hold the exterior of the body, we tap into the interconnectedness of the total web extending deep into the respiratory system to allow this release.

Our consistent bottom line: The brain has to expand and contract well, and the web needs to be completely free for the craniosacral fascial system to function optimally.

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  1. Can dental hygienists who are trained in orofascial myology do this on patients? I would love to learn more!

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