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Infant Heart Murmur

“Our pediatrician nonchalantly said, ‘It’s no big deal.’”

All of the ducks are lined up in this story:

At two months of age, the pediatrician discovered a heart murmur. No parent wants to hear that news.

At 2½ months, the pediatric cardiologist confirmed her diagnosis with an electrocardiogram.

At 5½ months, the pediatrician told mom that the murmur was still there while checking him for an ear infection.

Over the next month, he had three Gillespie Approach therapy visits.

At 6½ months on a check-up visit, she told mom his heart murmur was gone.

What happened?

I hypothesize that fascial strain was pulling into his heart causing the murmur. Once the strain fully released, the murmur faded away. This is not rocket science.

Every structural cell of the body is connected in the fascial web. The cardiac cells of the heart are no exception. If a fascial strain pattern from the pelvis is pulling into the neck and head, it can easily transverse through the heart.

A heart murmur may not be life-threatening, but it may become a “bigger deal” later in life. My suggestion would be to correct the problem in infancy. Better yet, address it directly at birth. The world needs to see this concept.

The Gillespie Approach is a massage modality that helps the body release its tight connective or fascial tissue from its physical and emotional traumas. We have a special interest working with newborns, whose untreated fascial strains from birth trauma can result in a lifetime of suffering.

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