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Infant Mesentery

The mesentery are folds of connective (fascial) tissue that hold the stomach, pancreas, spleen, small intestine, and large intestine to the posterior abdominal wall. The mesentery supplies nutrition to the intestines via blood vessels and empties waste via lymphatic vessels. The mesentery also keeps the organs in place in the abdominal cavity so they do not collapse onto the pelvic floor upon sitting or standing. Some scientists say that it is our 79th organ.

Birth trauma may tighten this mesenteric tissue. This resulting fascial restriction can be important in causing infant reflux, digestive issues, colic, and constipation. We believe that CFT can help to free up mesenteric tightness for proper abdominal function.

This mesenteric restriction may be an important factor in necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). NEC is a life-threatening NICU disease that occurs in premature babies with fragile digestive systems. When the intestines cannot get enough nourishment and are unable to detoxify the waste, they can become necrotic quickly. CFT may free up the fascial mesenteric restrictions around the life-giving blood and lymph vessels to prevent NEC.

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