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Infant Practice Management

As much as we want to get our hands on infants to help, sometimes we need to hold back.

A Gillespie Approach Infant Provider’s Email

“I worked on a four-month-old and her three-year-old sister two days ago. The older sister was the main focus of therapy, but I did work on the baby for a few minutes. Mom reached out today with this feedback on the infant—your thoughts are welcomed.”

Mom Speaks

“Since the session, I’ve noticed two things with my baby. First, she’s has not pooped since then, which is unusual. This morning she was also grunting a bit.

Second, she had a blocked tear duct in her right eye when she was born. It has slowly resolved over time and was nearly back to normal aside from the occasional tear. This morning it was red, puffy, and irritated again.”

My Comments

Yikes. Deja vu for me from forty years ago. For someone who never got pregnant, delivered, and breastfed, I had to learn the basics of infant practice management fast.

I discovered that most parents require a “felt need” for infant therapy, a presenting health problem that the Gillespie Approach can correct. The parents also need to see that therapy works for their first child before they invest time and money in other family members.

I would have only worked on the three-year-old, but with mom’s permission would have checked the brain cycle of the baby for free. I would have let mom decide on treatment or not for her baby.

We are revisiting the traumas layered in the fascial web. Mom is telling me that potentially her intestines are tight (constipation), her diaphragm is tight (grunting), and fascial strain is going into her eyes (blocked tear duct), with possibly more layers in her onion.

Now after four visits of therapy, she is nicely peeling the fascial layers of trauma in her body.

In a perfect world this baby would have had therapy on day one in the hospital. I am hoping that will happen some day for all the world’s babies.

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