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Somewhere in the parent’s consciousness during the evaluation visit is probably the thought, is CFT going to be painful for my child? This may be especially true for first-time CFT mothers of newborns.

I often offer CFT to the parent before I work on their child. Most adults are good subjects with significant neck strain. As mom lies on the table, I will hold the back of her neck. I tell her that it will feel like I am squeezing her neck hard as the fascia strains and it will feel like I am letting go of her neck as the fascia releases. The tight/loose concept can be an amazing new experiential feeling for her. I explain that all of this is happening in her body as I am just holding her. Every parent “gets it” with this short demonstration.

Since I have done this initial technique, no parent has ever refused CFT for their child. I will tell mom that she did not cry because she had mature adult social filters. But her newborn/infant/toddler may let everyone know how s(he) feels with some short-lived crying and screaming. When I am working with an infant, mom’s lap is the treatment table. I have mom connect a dot or two so that she becomes part of the therapy/healing process. Many times she may even feel the infant’s body release during CFT and can identify that with her own CFT experience.

The “Dr. Loose” label has a light side, but its non-threateningly nature presents the realistic goal of just helping to free up her tight child. I will say, “Let’s see how your child responds this week with a looser body.” Some moms will say that just that little bit of CFT took their head/pain away, and they may pursue CFT for themselves.

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