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Infant Reflux Is Normal

Mothers often say that infant reflux is normal. So many people have told them that it was normal that they believe them. In my world, infant reflux is far from being normal.

It is disconcerting for me that a pathological issue can be normalized. So often mothers are also told that their baby will outgrow the reflux. If that is the case, why are there 40 million adults in America with GERD, the adult form of infant reflux?

My theory says that birth trauma can strain the fascial midsection and cause reflux. The most logical explanation would be that the fetus was in a tight ball for an extended amount of time. Consequently, the mid-sectional fascial web became restricted, causing reflux and other infant conditions:

My suggestion for parents, who have infants with any of these conditions, is that their babies may just be tight from their birth trauma. If neonates could have the work done, they could leave the hospital being able to breathe wellnurse welldigest wellpoop well, and nap well

This is my wish for all of the newborns of the world.

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