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Infant “Structural Inheritance”

By Kristen Myers and Dr. Barry Gillespie

Krissy’s Post

For all who are excited about the infant work and the BBS, here is a beautiful story. A family, who was part of our infant research with their two babies, has become a huge fan of CFT. The mother brought her first infant in for breastfeeding difficulties. CFT resolved the problem completely and the grateful mother was relieved to not pump. The mother brought the second baby in with the exact same problem. She was frustrated, tired, and asked if there was something she was doing that was causing her babies to have such difficulty with breastfeeding.

We spoke to her about her structural issues and the importance of having her pelvic floor and fascial system free from tightness. She immediately scheduled a series of appointments for herself and continued faithfully with CFT over many months. Her next child latched easily and had no breastfeeding issues. The mother commented how easy the birth was and her baby was extremely content. She was extremely grateful and resumed CFT treatments for herself.

This evening we saw her fourth baby for the first time. He is 14 days old and nursing perfectly. The mother commented on the beautiful delivery she had. She also shared that her infant immediately was rooting to feed and latched perfectly. This little one had a perfect BBS upon evaluation…..perfect cranial shape, brain and sacral cycles in sync and well over 100 seconds, and no cord history. There was only mild strain through the lower abdomen and shoulders which released quickly.

Just beautiful.

What a perfect way to end my day.

Barry’s Follow-up Comments

I was excited to see Krissy’s post about the fussiness difference between the mother’s four babies. As Mike said, “this is what we believed it would be.” For the new readers, this is the short back story:

In 2006 I had the opportunity to become involved in the infant work with two of my Mennonite students from Lancaster, Pa. They were finding that not only were fussy infants improving with CFT, but that if a woman had CFT before her pregnancy, she would have a significantly better birth experience and healthier baby. The craniosacral fascial system of the fetus had the capability to take on strain from the mother’s structural tightness.

When I created the Baby Brain Score article in 2007/08 that was published in the medical literature in March 2009, I had that “structural inheritance” thought in mind with this quote from the article: “We also envision the mother-to-be having craniosacral fascial therapy before conception to ensure better hormonal function for her, less strain in her pregnancy, an easier birth, and better overall health for her newborn.”

Now in 2016 our “perfect world” is coming to fruition in Lancaster. Our wish is that mothers globally can not only feel better with CFT, but have happier and healthier babies. As Mike often says, “If the baby is unhappy, mom is unhappy. If mom is unhappy, everyone in the family is unhappy.” We are the happy baby people.

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