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Infant Team Management is Critical

This is my viewpoint on how infants should be managed with many providers involved. First-time parents can easily become lost in the maze with dad saying it best: “We have spent thousands of dollars on this problem with no positive results.”

A six-month-old boy presents with latching issues while mom is pumping and feeding. He has torticollis, plagiocephaly, and reflux.

In therapy, I found a pelvic twist pulling into his low back and curving up to his neck and head. I have found in other babies that this pelvic twist needed to be released for the upper body to structurally correct. Without that insight, the torticollis can not resolve fully.

This is the parents’ journey with my comments.

They first consulted a chiropractor who adjusted the infant twice a week for months. There was no change. When a corkscrew fascial strain goes up the spine, it will undo the adjustments. I do recommend seeing a chiropractor, especially if there is a head tilt, when the fascial web is fully released so the adjustments can hold.

They next consulted an IBCLC who immediately sent the baby to a dentist for tongue-tie and lip-tie surgery. My suggestion is she should have sent the infant to a Gillespie Approach therapist for bodywork and, at the same time, work with mom.

I also found the baby had a left TMJ strain keeping him from opening wide for a deep latch. Almost everyone misses this aspect. There was no change after the two surgeries.

They next consulted a physical therapist who did a lot of stretching. There still was no change. Stretching does not release fascial strain. They were about to go to another PT when a friend recommended me.

My suggestion for parents reading this story would be to find a skilled IBCLC and a Gillespie Approach provider to work together. If the infant still has issues, the IBCLC would refer to the dentist for surgery with bodywork continuing after the surgery.

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