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Infant Therapy Drama

I have found over the years that infants and parents tend to do better with therapy closer to birth.

After working with the other three children, I am now seeing a fourteen-day-old newborn. She has digestive issues with gas. Mom also stated that she has loose suction, tongue clicking, and takes in air. Her jaw is crooked and she has a goopy left eye.

Mom said she was curled up in a ball in utero. At birth, there was pressure on her head, causing her nose to be squashed on the left side of her face. She presented with an arching pattern, left facial strain, and a zero-second brain cycle.

Her pelvis was remarkably quiet but when I held her trunk, she went into a distinct arching pattern. She let out a few seconds of gentle crying and then went back to sleep after the release.

I repeated this procedure a few times during her nap. I also found that a left-sided facial strain pattern was causing the jaw distortion and nasolacrimal duct blockage. That released nicely as she slept. Her brain cycle amazingly went to 140 seconds at the end of the visit. I expect all of her issues to clear with further therapy.

The beauty of closer-to-birth therapy is that the fresh injuries have not become fully locked into body compensation and adaptation. Most of the babies I see are five months or older where the conditions are more pronounced and the strain patterns more difficult.  

Consequently, these babies are more sensitive, and now we have to deal with infant and parental drama. This is another reason for the work on the first day of life. Let’s get the body functioning well as soon as possible after birth.

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