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Infants and Chronic Headaches

Can infants have chronic headaches? Quite possibly yes.

A thirteen-month-old presented with sleep issues and digestive difficulty. Most nights her mother reported that she only slept for an hour at a time and some nights only in 5- to 10-minute stretches. Because of her restlessness, mom believed that she may be suffering from chronic headaches.

There are three indications that she may be correct. First, forceps were used, indicating additional pressure to her head. Vacuum extraction would be a similar huge red flag.

The second factor is that she often holds the back of her head, as if to tell her mom it hurts there. The third is that she usually wakes up crying, as if she is in pain. It is hard for the parents to watch their suffering baby.

She also had breathing difficulty at birth and spent four days in the NICU. This would strongly indicate that her diaphragm may be tightly holding her cranial tissues in the fascial web.

She started to cry as soon as she saw me. She presented with a zero-second brain cycle, which in and of itself may be part of the headache issue. Her diaphragm was also restricted, strongly indicating a breathing and digestive condition.

As their first child, they had to decide whether or not to commence treatment for their crying baby. After a few minutes of deliberation, they chose to go ahead with therapy.

The first visit released a lot of strain in her midsection, pulling into her head, and her brain cycle opened to 80 seconds. On the next visit, a happy mom reported that her baby slept for an unheard of five hours that night. She also had significantly better digestion with less gas.

When parents see that therapy works, they tolerate the crying much better. The second visit released more fascial strain in her body with less crying, and her brain cycle went to 140 seconds. I expect the baby to have a great outcome.

Happy Baby = Happy Mom = Happy Dad = Happy Family

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