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When Have Infants Completed Therapy?

With infants, you are never really sure when you are done with treatment. Clearing all of the layers of the onion with certainty is really impossible to say. I tell the parents: “If you feel the need for another visit, please let me know.”

As an example, an infant’s arching appeared to clear after four visits. At the last visit, I was extra careful to assess any fascial strain in the body.

I received an email from mom about four months later: “He will not crawl and is strictly a scooter. More pressing is the fact that he is a restless sleeper. He wakes up arching and screaming as if he is having night terrors.”

On the check-up visit, his brain cycle was 200 seconds. He was meeting his developmental milestones nicely, but his arching pattern had resurfaced.

Sometimes, my reflux babies have the same reoccurrence. Since we just listen to the body, we are totally dependent on the fascial web releasing strain in its own space and time.

For some unknown reason, the body may just not be ready to release the deeper strains. We cannot control the timing of authentic healing.

Since the parents lived about two hours from my office, I showed them how to do the arching exercise at home. I suggested that they do this technique four times before bedtime. If their child wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, let him calm down and repeat the exercise.

Arching is a dreadful condition. It breaks my heart for the medical world not to recognize its serious nature. 

I saw an arching baby from Germany about fifteen years ago. Because of its critical importance, I spent the entire visit just coaching the parents to help release this strain back home. 

I have empathy for all of the people in the world who are suffering from their arching birth strain. It needs to be identified at birth to prevent many later health conditions.

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