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An Infant’s Retruded Jaw and Pain/Gas

For infant CFT/IDM providers, connecting the dots in the craniosacral fascial web is essential. In our research, we found that upper-body conditions generally originated in the pelvic area and would not completely clear until the pelvis was totally strain-free.

For an infant with a retruded mandible (who is nursing well) currently in care, his problem appears to be originating in his strained low back, which is still causing him abdominal pain/gas. Thus his pain/gas and retruded jaw become one and the same condition.

Few, if any, infant providers currently think in these terms. The health care system cares for a segmented body without realizing the craniosacral fascial web connects everything in space and time. As we understand how the body works more completely, the current philosophy needs to change.

Please also explain this concept to the parents since they might wonder why you are spending so much time in the pelvis if they perceive the jaw as the problem. It is all connected.

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