Latching Issues and Teenage Jaw Popping

I am currently treating a 13-year-old girl with a history of headaches, jaw popping, and ear clogging. These are classic TMJ symptoms. She has recently finished orthodontic care.

I found pelvic fascial strain pulling into her TMJ articular disks that appeared to be causing her jaw popping. These disks are the tissues found between the lower jaw and the skull. As you open your mouth, they keep bone from scraping on bone. At today’s visit mom said her teeth have come together for a solid bite for the first time in her life. Her jaw popping is virtually gone.

The purpose of this post is her history. She had latching issues and colic with some reflux as a newborn. Mom said that she was a very unhappy baby, and nothing but a warm bath would calm/relax her. Even going for a walk around the block in her stroller would elicit continual screaming.

As I see it, the problem was there at birth and no one noticed. If I ruled the world, she would have been red-flagged with the Baby Brain Score and treated with CFT immediately at birth. I believe that the family would have had a completely different experience. In 2016 we hope for global awakening to help end the suffering.

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