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Latent Clubfoot-like Adult Strains

Gillespie Approach providers please take note:

A 35-year-old woman with many structural issues presented for her fifth visit. Her fascia pulled her right foot into a distinct clubfoot position. I believe from our infant research that clubfoot can be caused by a compressive in-utero strain over time.

We found that if treated early enough, the fascia in the leg can release, and the foot can heal without casting and surgery. Although she was not diagnosed with clubfoot at birth, I believe this underlying in-utero strain pattern can be the root cause of her right ankle, right knee, right hip, back, neck, and head issues.

The same week a second patient presented on her tenth visit with the same pattern in her left foot, causing severe structural issues throughout her body. She had a bad ankle twist on vacation in Europe. Almost everyone would have recovered nicely from that trauma, but she did not because I believe she was predisposed with a foot birth strain.

This concept would explain why a normal trauma, like a minor car whiplash or fall, could take someone uncharacteristically over the edge with symptoms. That patient was living with unresolved birth trauma, where everyone else was not. My world is all about the function of the craniosacral fascial system in the space-time continuum.

It would have been a blessing for both women if a birth provider had seen/corrected these problems at the beginning of their lives.

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