Lateral Arm Rotation

A first-visit twelve-month-old presented with bilateral arm rotation. If she were standing, the palms of her hands would be presenting away from her body and not facing her thighs.

On clinical examination I found severe strain in her neck/shoulder area. Her hands, wrists, forearms, arms, and shoulders were straining medially explaining a lateral palm presentation. I expect that therapy will correct this issue.

Taking this one step further, she is not commando crawling on her belly or creeping on her hands and knees. Many parents have told me that medical doctors have said that the cause is a neurological issue. The way I see the world, many might just be too tight to move and fine neurologically.

Gillespie Approach therapy presents two great benefits. As the fascia starts to free up in the craniosacral fascial system around the neck and shoulders, the brain can awaken from its locked-down zero cycle. This “twofer” results in better body mobility and neurological function at the same time.

This same child did not take her first breath for at least ten minutes. I have seen many of these children over my career. When their craniosacral fascial system starts to open with therapy, dramatic signs of improvement can occur.

Please remember we present a piece of the health/well-being puzzle. We just need to play our role to help free up the craniosacral fascial system and then let the body heal itself. The parents are not expecting a miracle with therapy; they are thrilled just to see some positive changes for their child.

In my world the ideal time to see these children is directly at the golden hour of birth. Once the baby is stable enough for therapy, the healing can begin.

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