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I am hearing the words “life-changing” in my office and reading it on Facebook and in my emails a lot. I was enthralled with the work in the 1970s. I am thrilled that so many people are getting it now.

A new reader might ask, “What’s the big deal?”

As a piece of the health and wellness puzzle, the craniosacral system needs to work well to pump cerebrospinal fluid into the fascial web. We think of the blood as the key fluid in our bodies, but the cerebrospinal fluid plays a critical but little-appreciated role. 

Traumas can begin to restrict this system after conception, resulting in unexplained lifetime medical issues as the body tightens. The life-changing aspect comes to mind because therapy revisits the layers of this onion to mitigate its effects. As a result, the body can function more optimally to inherently heal itself.

A key characteristic is that the fascial web is connected to every cell of the body. So this huge network from head to toe is communicating on a cellular level. I cannot explain the science around that, but in the future, basic research will offer important insights.

The beautiful thing about therapy is that it is all-natural—drugs, surgery, and technology are not involved. By holding and listening to the body, the therapist allows the fascial web to remember and release its old injuries. When the craniosacral fascial system starts to function better, the body will respond in kind.

As this work grows, people will understand the importance of this system. At some point, the collective will say that this work needs to be done at birth to clear the slate of soft tissue birth injuries. Why let little problems in infancy become big problems later in life? When that happens, neonatology, pediatrics, mental health, dentistry, and education will all change. I could not be more pleased.

In the 1970s, I thought this could possibly happen in my lifetime. Thank you all—I am so grateful to be around now to see it unfold.

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