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A Lifetime of Ramifications From Birth Trauma

Two recent patients reminded me of the total body cellular connection of the craniosacral fascial web in space and time.

A twelve-year-old has had a lifetime of toxicity issues; in CFT she is now showing severe compression in her liver area from birth trauma. Since the fascial web connects to every cell of every organ, past strain causing organ tightness can compromise its function.

An adult man has recently developed pain in his right maxillary canine area. His dentist found no pathology. In CFT he is showing in utero compressive jaw trauma. Since the craniosacral fascial web connects to every bone cell, the osseous area can exhibit pain with perfectly healthy teeth and gums. Once this layer of his traumatic onion clears in CFT, I expect the area to return to normal.

Viewing the body in an interconnected manner in space and time can give you a scientific explanation of unusual medical/dental situations. It is just a different way of thinking about authentic health and causes of disease.

In CFT we are always searching for the root of the problem for the body to heal/correct itself. We are not in the disease management business. For many people that means the need to revisit and clear the physical and emotional aspects of birth trauma.

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