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Long-Term Ramifications of CFT/IDM

By Dr. Barry Gillespie and Krissy Myers

A mom recently asked me if there were any long-term ramifications from her baby crying during CFT/IDM? That is a really good question that Krissy, Mike, and I asked ourselves for years during the infant research. The short answer is that we do not know for sure.

We believe that the infant may be releasing trapped emotions from birth trauma. We educate the parents that their baby may be venting these pent-up emotions. Sometimes we do a CFT demo on mom’s neck so she can feel the physical strain and release that her infant is experiencing. Unfortunately the infant does not have our adult social filter and will tell us all about anything uncomfortable.

On one hand mom and dad may be reacting negatively to the screaming, but on the other hand the infant maybe releasing emotions that may define his/her lifetime, if not released. The baby can also use crying as a release from being overstimulated in a new world. Since CFT/IDM can definitely stir things up, we treat quickly and have as many breaks as the parents need. The bottom line for parents: Can they balance a few unpleasant infant moments against a possible lifetime of suffering?

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