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Maxillary Bone Motion, Dentistry, and Zero-Second Brain Cycle

This essay explores the concept of maxillary bone motion, dentistry, and a zero-second brain cycle.

The maxillary bones expand and contract in tandem with the brain. For many patients, dental procedures involving the upper jaw can restrict their brain cycle to zero seconds. Even though everyone is not adversely affected with a specific procedure, dental professionals need to check every patient’s brain cycle.

Anatomically, the maxillary bones are connected to the smaller sinus bones, the sphenoid bone, the large cranial bones, and the sacrum. When dental forces tighten the maxillary bones, a domino effect can restrict the entire craniosacral fascial system.

Problematic dental procedures include a full maxillary denture, a partial maxillary denture, maxillary crowns soldered together that cross the midline of the face, maxillary night guards, maxillary TMJ appliances, maxillary sports appliances, maxillary orthodontic arch wires, and maxillary orthodontic retainers. Any tight-fitting appliance that snaps on the upper teeth can restrict maxillary and brain motion.

A zero-second brain cycle can have a significant impact on the physiology of the body. If a patient, over time, has developed headaches, sinus pain, anxiety, depression, cognitive issues, or behavioral issues since the dental procedure, please check the brain cycle. Discover why maxillary bone motion is important to your health.

When the dental forces are relieved and normal brain motion restored, the symptoms can hopefully fade away. Dental problems are just not intraoral issues. The brain has to breathe, and dentistry needs to take a serious look at its important role in the function of the craniosacral fascial system.

The Gillespie Approach is a massage modality that helps the body release its tight connective or fascial tissue from its physical and emotional traumas. We have a special interest working with newborns, whose untreated fascial strains from birth trauma can result in a lifetime of suffering.

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