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Medical Fascial Restrictive Procedures

For Gillespie Approach providers the fascial web includes all body structures.

A patient of thirty years recently had an endoscopy and intravenous dye for a scan. Although medically necessary, these procedures may result in a hidden soft tissue side effect.

After she left the hospital, she had throat soreness from the scope and tightness in her head, neck, and shoulders. The scope and dye also brought up old pain patterns from previous injuries with full-body muscle strain, aches, and tightness.

At my office five days later, her normal 230-second brain cycle had gone to zero seconds, which was no surprise to me. The fascial web, directly connected to the endothelial lining of the esophagus, can easily be traumatized, resulting in strain disseminating throughout the body. I have seen the same consequences with tracheal intubation during general anesthesia.

The healing advantage of the Gillespie Approach is that the provider can easily gain access to this deep trunk fascia without applying hard manual pressure to the ribcage, attempting to delve into the body. You just hold, listen to the accessed onion layer of strain that the body is ready to deal with, and allow authentic healing.

An extra-large needle was used to deliver the dye intravenously. Since the blood vessels are directly enmeshed in the fascial web, severe strain developed in her right arm, connecting to the rest of her body.

Please check your patients, including hospitalized babies, who have had similar invasive fascial procedures. As for this patient’s advice, “Run, don’t walk, for craniosacral fascial therapy post-procedure, ASAP!”

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