Medical Fascial Testing at Birth

In the 1980s, John Barnes, P.T., and I used to lament about the lack of scientific testing for fascial strain. The medical, insurance, and legal institutions demanded concrete proof of a physical problem. There still is no quantitative test to check for fascial strain; you actually have to hold a body to feel it.

To gently work around this issue at birth, we want to stress to the world that newborns should be naturally relaxed from their difficult 40-week journey. Instead of focusing on all of the health/well-being positives later in life, we just want to present the initial concept that a calm strain-free newborn can more likely be a happy, healthy, and thriving baby.

We use the Baby Brain Score (BBS) to see if the meninges can allow excellent brain expansion and contraction and the sacrum to move well. We do the Gillespie Approach at birth to help free up the tight craniosacral fascial system.

We understand that there will probably never be any medical testing for neonatal fascial tightness. We hope that everyone will intuitively see that soft tissue looseness is important at birth.

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