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The Medical Model Is Asking the Wrong Question

All too often, the medical model is asking the question, “How can we best manage the patient’s condition?” That is the wrong question. In the Gillespie Approach we are asking, “What is the root cause of the patient’s condition?”

Medical science has strongly established that many chronic metabolic diseases are caused by poor lifestyle and dietary choices. Heart disease, some cancers, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, which are rampart diseases of death in America, fall into this category.

Instead of asking the question, “How can we best manage the patient’s condition?”, the conversation needs to switch to, “What is the root cause of the patient’s condition?” If we present this option as a possibility for every patient, then s(he) has a choice to remain in the management mode or possibly experience health.

Since we cannot control what people do to their bodies, the Gillespie Approach will not affect any of those conditions. But we can be corrective for structural conditions that deal with the restriction of the craniosacral fascial system.

If your baby presents with fussiness issues, your child comes in with ADHD, asthma, headaches, or you have pain issues, we can be helpful. The root cause of the problem probably lies in soft tissue trauma.

In therapy the fascial web needs to peel its onion layers of trauma. Since the root of the problem for many people lies in untreated birth trauma, they need to revisit and clear this trauma for authentic healing. There are times when we may need medication, technology, and surgery, but we always need to first ask what is causing the issue to experience true healing.

Pediatricians need to understand that fascia is a big deal in their world. They need to step outside their technology, drug, and surgery box. They need to open to the structural healing aspects of infants and children. They need to realize that happy babies and children are the rule, not the exception.

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