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Mom’s Infant Questions

“Is therapy painful for my baby?”

Probably not, but no one really knows for sure. Mom needs to feel what her baby will experience with some fascial release of her neck. She has the social skills to understand the tightness and release. Infants do not, and they can sure let you know how they feel.

Once a mom has felt the work, no mom has ever refused care for her baby. I do quick releases for baby in mom’s lap and then take a break to keep everyone comfortable.

For authentic healing, the baby has to revisit its birth trauma and clear all of the emotions around it. We feel that is why our babies are so happy.

“If I do nothing for my baby, will she outgrow the fascial strains?”

I can see the body healing minor strain and some moderate strains. I do not see the body healing the more severe strains in many of our babies.

“If I do nothing for my baby, what will be the implications later in life?”

That is hard to say because no one knows the future. I like to think in terms of the body being more predisposed to disease. Picture two newborns—strained Baby A cleared at birth and strained Baby B untreated. Baby A can handle the bumps and bruises of growing up much better. Baby B has more trouble by adding trauma into the system and having a higher probability of developing conditions.

For the baby of this story, does that intestinal strain now causing constipation later cause bowel diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, or celiac disease? Does that tight diaphragm later lead to breathing and other upper-body issues?

In my career I found that many adult issues started in childhood, and then many of those issues were rooted in birth trauma. Common sense would dictate a strain-free body for all newborns.

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