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More Club Foot

By Bekah Tokarz

An update on my severe club foot baby: as I was working on her right leg (which not only juts out laterally at the hip, with the patella pointing outward, but also has been seemingly stuck in severe overextension with no bending at the knee so far) I had two fingers on either side of the knee and felt 5-6 pops, felt like tight wire snapping… After the release I decided to check her knee and it now bends to nearly 90 degrees!! The mom and I just stared at her then each other as we witnessed a miracle before our eyes. I then place a finger on her hip joint as I unwound her leg and felt a small pop when her femur fell into the correct place in the socket and now the leg is almost straight from the hip. Went to the other leg (which is straight with a club foot) and had one hand on the medial knee and other on the lateral ankle when I felt the tight band release and now her ankle has significantly more movement potential!!

The mom shared with me that the parents nearly gave in when the doctors kept pressuring them to do casts and surgery but since I offered a consult and first time treatment complimentary they tried CFT first and they are so happy! Now they are holding off appointments with specialists at Shriners so she can get as many treatments as possible so they stop pressuring them. The mom told me that as we progress she is getting more and more relieved knowing that her daughter has the potential for healing!

This little girl will walk!!

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