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More Structural Inheritance

In April, Mike and I posted a story about an infant who came to us with breastfeeding issues, as well as a list of other problems. She was the 10th child born in this family and her birth was extremely fast. The infant was one of the tightest babies we had ever felt. Her trunk felt like a board. CFT helped this little one tremendously and many of her issues resolved.

Today I had the opportunity to work on the mother of this infant. Her complaints were hip pain, fatigue, and inability to lift anything (including her baby) without her back going into spasm. She shared that her quality of life was low due to these issues. During the assessment, she was locked at a zero cycle, both cranium and sacrum.

But what stood out to me was her tissues were so tight in her back, she felt like a board……identical to her baby’s body. Her baby’s body and her body felt identical during therapy….from the quality of the tissue to the exact same pattern of unwinding. This is a perfect example of structural inheritance that we discussed on an earlier post and in the infant research!

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