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Mothers and Babies Struggle With Feeding

I receive emails from around the world about infant issues. Last night I chatted with an American mom after reading her email.

“I came across your website and thought I’d reach out. My son is now 12 weeks old and has never latched. I have been exclusively pumping since he was born and feeding it to him in a bottle for every feeding. I would love the opportunity to nurse him. We have seen lactation consultants, a feeding therapist, and obviously the pediatrician but have not had any success. He had a tongue tie that was revised and has a high palate, but even with the suck exercises, does not suck well. He takes the bottle well now but refuses a pacifier, won’t suck on my finger, etc. I’ve given up on breastfeeding (almost!) but thought I’d reach out to see if your therapy might be able to help.”

This story is played out every day around the world. My contention is that this mother should never have experienced this nursing problem if her baby had been checked and worked on in the hospital at birth. Our goal is for every newborn to experience the wonder of therapy.

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