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Multiple Clubfoot

I am seeing a 27-month-old boy with multiple clubfoot craniosacral fascial strains. He has three different strain patterns in each foot. An inversion pattern creates the appearance of walking on the inner ankle, an eversion pattern on the outer edge of the foot, and a toe-grabbing pattern like a ballerina.

I believe that this child is not walking because of pain. With so much strain in his ankles/feet, he does not have a comfortable position to stand, walk, or run. He also has bilateral foot swelling, possibly caused by the intense fascial strain restricting his lymphatic system.

During CFT one must listen to the body to allow it to release whatever pattern comes up at that moment. The goal is for a strain-free child and not to “fix” all of these strain patterns.

If a toddler is not walking at a reasonable developmental period, please check for craniosacral fascial strain in the feet/legs. We continually trust that the body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal itself. Our job in CFT is to solely help facilitate that healing.

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