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“Muscle Memory”

The concept of “muscle memory” has been around for decades. I have always assumed it is an aspect of muscle tissue. But is it really a segment of the intelligence of the craniosacral fascial system? A good question.

We know from histology that every muscle cell is surrounded by fascia and connected to this system. Motor learning by muscle repetition can allow doing an act over and over without conscious effort like riding a bike and playing a musical instrument.

From CFT, we know this system holds the emotional and physical trauma of the past back to conception. When you look at the fact that the all-encompassing brain and cerebrospinal fluid drive the full-body fascial web, it makes more sense for this system to be in play rather than groups of muscle cells.

The craniosacral fascial system is a highly complex structure. In 2017, we are in the beginning stages of looking at its full manifestations. Future research will tell us more. Let’s enjoy the ride.

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