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My Ears

I stress in these posts our approach at birth as a preventative measure. I wonder if I had had this work done at my birth in 1947, would there be a difference in my ears now at age 75?

The Gillespie Approach can be an effective modality for children with chronic earaches. The hypothesis is that birth trauma causes an imbalance and restriction of the temporal (ear) bones, which sets the stage for fluid stagnation and chronic ear infections.

Therapy can help free up the restrictions and balance the bones to restore health. It logically follows that the work at birth may prevent chronic earaches.

I was a sickly kid and took a lot of oral medication and ear drops. If ear tubes had been available, I would have been a prime candidate.

I wore distant vision glasses for 50 years. When I had therapy, I had to revisit that causative fetal birth trauma for authentic healing.

Even at 65, my vision went from 20/120 to 20/15 over the course of many treatments. Since I had difficulty in reading comprehension in grade school, I probably also had restricted brain motion. The ear pathology was certainly part of the craniosacral fascial tightness.

As a teenager, I had ringing in my ears. My doctor said that one of the drugs used to treat ear my infections was later found to cause tinnitus. Nothing could be done then to correct the noise in my head.

I have lived with tinnitus my whole life. In my 70s it has gotten worse and created some hearing loss in both ears. My hearing aides worked OK until I came down with the v*rus last fall.

Since then, the ringing has become louder and the hearing loss more acute. I find it difficult to hear even with the best hearing aides. I believe that if I had had this work done at birth in 1947, my ears may have had a different lifetime outcome.

I do not want children to suffer needlessly their whole lives. We have the answers now. Someday the world will discover that every newborn should be checked at birth.

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