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My Four Stages of Life

I am soooo excited because parental consciousness is shifting.

I saw two mothers this week with very similar stories. Fussy baby #1 did well with the Gillespie Approach, thank you, end of story. But now a few years later, they are bringing baby #2 in for Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. Baby #2 has some fussiness issues, but more importantly, can you make this baby as smart as Baby #1? Eureka!

Having seen this cognitive phenomenon many times over the decades, I am happy parents are getting it too. I have arbitrarily divided the timeline of human life into four CFT chronological stages:

The Infant Fussiness Stage

My baby has fussiness issues. Can you help? Yes, virtually all of these babies can become happy babies. For the best chance to reach the next stage, parents need to add in the equation: love + organic whole food + stimulation + exercise + rest.

The Late Toddler Intellectual Stage

Most of these babies reach their developmental milestones very quickly, and they are significantly ahead of their peers at three years of age. Many are so far advanced, like the children of these two moms, that their parents are amazed. How do you explain this factor to your other parenting friends?

Yes, you can say that you, as parents, are smart, but I primarily attribute this phenomenon to the freeing of the craniosacral fascial system. This allows the brain cycle to naturally reach at least two hundred seconds very early in life. The Lancaster infant research indicated to us that threshold has a strong potential for optimal wellness.

For the pure scientists reading this essay, there are no medical, randomized, controlled, doubled blinded, peer-reviewed studies collaborating this work. Honestly, I do not even know if this hypothesis can ever be proven scientifically. This is purely a clinical observation spanning decades.

With brain cycles of zero seconds to ten seconds and a tight fascial web, their peers may be neurologically left behind. They may still be needlessly living with the deleterious effects of their soft tissue birth trauma. Left untreated, they may have to deal with a lifetime of medical issues.

I contend that if all parents knew this cognitive aspect to be true, every infant Gillespie Approach therapist around the world would be overrun with business—an ecstatic thought.

The Pediatric Stage

Parents will find that most children can avoid the typical chronic pediatric conditions like asthma, headaches, learning issues, and ADHD. I believe that in general these children can be significantly healthier than their peers.

The Game of Life Stage

I believe these young adults have the best opportunity to be the best they can be—very well-equipped to follow their dreams.

The question many parents ask me, “Is it ever too late for my child to have therapy?” The answer is that it is never too late. But what I have found is that therapy closer to birth may give your child a better chance for her or his optimal brain function—again no clear scientific research on this point. I would strongly suggest for every new parent to take advantage of this unique birth window of opportunity.

This leads us into my life’s calling of completing the Gillespie Approach for every newborn during the first day of life. Using the golden hour medical principle, we are helping to clear the soft tissue effects of birth trauma as soon as possible. I would then expect the best possible lifetime outcome for health and wellness.

What a life-changing gift for any human being! I am hoping the world discovers this concept soon. I trust that God is in control and that it is all working out perfectly.

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