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My Starfish Story

I am reflecting on the Starfish Story.

Recently a nine-week-old baby presented with possible craniosynostosis and subsequent need of neurosurgery. In my world, birth trauma probably created a lot of soft tissue tightness mimicking cranial bone fusion.

The baby also had latching issues, constipation, reflux, and breathing difficulty. The mother suffered a lot of back pain during the delivery. In my mind the fetus reciprocally tightened its body.

During his first visit of therapy, his entire craniosacral fascial system released beautifully. The brain cycle opened to 90 seconds, thus eliminating the possibility of craniosynostosis and neurosurgery.

In forty years of treating tight babies, I have never seen a true case of craniosynostosis. Every baby had a brain cycle after the first Gillespie Approach session. I postulate that the great majority have undiagnosed soft tissue birth trauma.

134 million babies are born every year on the planet. Someone may say, “How can you possibly make a difference with your work?”

I would respond, “Well, it made a difference for that baby.”

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