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Newborn Fixated Eyes

I have been working with an involved baby every day this week. I reached out privately to Kristen Kercher MyersMichael D. Myers and Dr. Barry Gillespie as I did not have consent to write anything publicly. Every little thing you can gather with each session is invaluable. The littlest of details that might not even be a detail to the parents can be a huge red flag. Their complaints that brought the baby to you in the first place just might be the last to resolve.

The eyes! After two days and near end of treatment today, we finally have eyes that track in all directions. The baby’s cranium was so tight that his eyes never moved and his pupils never dilated. They did today, and this cutie was moving his head and eyes all around in amazement. Mom, Dad and the doctor never noticed that his eyes were fixed.

The initial complaint of difficulty latching still persists, but I bet tomorrow that this will be another story. I recommend taking their clothing off if you can and checking the shoulder range of motion. I can only imagine what would have laid ahead for this 8-week-old that had pupils that never dilated or eyes that were fixed along with a painful neck and shoulders. It was as if the baby was frozen.

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