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Newborn TMJ and a Broken Maternal Coccyx

I saw an eleven-day-old NYC baby today with breastfeeding issues. During the birth mom’s tailbone was broken.

We had seen this issue in our infant research. In a normal birth the coccyx needs to extend and flatten to allow the fetal face to pass cleanly. If the coccyx does not release, the face can more likely be traumatized.

The newborn had a lip and tongue revision three days ago, which helped the breastfeeding a little but not significantly. Clinically, I found that his major issue was bilateral TMJ strain, especially the right TMJ.

I told mom that we got this relatively early in life at eleven days. But if I ruled the world, it would have been corrected at eleven minutes of life. I am so thrilled that our work is being done at one hospital……..can’t wait for the next one.

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